Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 3 - September Zombies Week 2009

Book of the day:

Kiss of Life
by Daniel Waters

Our review(s):

More reviews:
Movie of the day:

I Was A Teenage Zombie (1987)

Our review(s):


Zombie history:
The Book Smugglers - they did a great zombie appreciation week in February 2009 and have an informative post on A Brief History of the Zombie

Zombie fun:

Velvet - The Zombie Bite Calculator

If bitten, how long before you become infected?

Take the test and win a prize.

Zombie comics, manga, graphic novels:
Velvet - The Living and The Dead review
Harry - Link Extravaganza - includes various comic book reviews

Zombie books:

Diana - Razor Girl review
Popin - Razor Girl review

titania86 - Patient Zero review

Cecilia - Zombie Blondes (teaser)

Zombie movies:

Diana - Planet Terror
Cecilia - Shaun Of The Dead (trailer)

Zombie music:

Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage (part 2)
titania86 - Zombie songs

Zombie crowds:

titiania86 - Zombie Invasion at Comic Con
--check out the picture of the zombie impaled by an arm ;-D

E. Van Lowe - Zombie Walk at Comic Con

Zombie random:

Misty - Zombie Mayhem and Madness

Harry - Link Extravaganza


Shaun of the Dead DVD here

World War Z book giveaway here

Check out more contest and giveaways here.

The full schedule of events for zombie week is here.