Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Zombies for Oct 21, 2009

Zombie Wedding Cake
created by Mike's Amazing Cakes in Seattle

A weekly post to share my latest zombie reviews and blogosphere finds.

Join me weekly or whenever you have a zombie post by sending me your links in the comments of any of my zombie posts.

Zombie bits:

E. Van Lowe - Never Slow Dance With A Zombie Halloween Party

Author Max Brooks on House Modifications and Supplies
by Terah Talley

Geek Girls Network Zombie Week!
Oct0ber 19 - 31, 2009
-Virtual battle with the horde on twitter
-Guest bloggers with zombie-themed posts
-and lots of swag to win

Zombie Proposal that goes with cake above:

Zombie book(s):

Rule Of The Undead: Zombies Invade Bookstores
by Rick Kleffel

Books featured:

My Rotten Life by David Lubar

Breathers by Scott Browne

World War Z by Max Brooks

Never Slow Dance With a Zombie by E. Van Lowe

Zombie movie(s):

Velvet - Boy Eats Girl (2005)

Zombie author to watch out for:

Brian Moakley

Excerpt: A World on Fire is an upcoming series of books by writer Brian Moakley about the fall of humanity via a zombie apocalypse. The story an epic one, spanning many years through the decaying wasteland of a post-consumer America. Randell, a young boy when the story begins, toils to create a new home and become a man in a world where the dead walk the earth.

My Zombie giveaways:

Velvet - The New Zed Order: Survive book (waiting on)
-with a discount coupon

Velvet - Last Zombie Bag o'goodies - if you read and reviewed Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, you should enter this giveaway!
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Velvet - I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It book
-offer ends December 31, 2009

Blogosphere Zombie giveaways:

A World on Fire - zombie book
The New Zed Order: Survive by Ted Sprague

The Neverending Shelf - Trick or Treat Contest
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Book Nerds - various Halloween prizes
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Books Obsession - win YA zombie book
Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Tales of a Ravenous Reader - Zombie Book Prize Pack!
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Donna at Bites - win Zombies for Zombies book among other Halloween treats
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm - win various zombie books among other YA books
-offer ends October 31, 2009

Check back every week for a list of fresh zombies.