Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 6 - September Zombies Week 2009

Book of the day:

You Are So Undead to Me
by Stacey Jay

Our review(s):

More reviews:

Book Splot
Robin Titan

Movie of the day:

Night of the Living Dorks (2005)

Our review(s):

Zombie Author guest post:

Cecilia - E. Van Lowe, author of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie
- check out E's zombie survival kit

Cecilia - Amanda Ashby, author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High
- find out How to tell if your BFF has turned into a zombie

Zombie fun:

Velvet - Zombie Haiku vote

Zombie books:

Cecilia - PP&Z (teaser)
Cecilia - Zombie Blondes (trailer)
Elnice - On My Wish List - World War Z (with Survival quiz)

Zombie movies:

Colette - Night of the Living Dead review
Velvet - Tokyo Zombie review
Jordan - Dawn of the Dead (1978) review
titania86 - Grace film review (zombie baby !!!)
titania86 - Fido film review

Zombie music:

titania86 - Zombie Songs Part 3
Zombie Girrrl - Zombie Tunage part 4

Zombie random:

Jordan - My opinion on zombies!

Harry - Zombie Week: Me & Zombie, Sitting in a Tree [don't gasp, I decapitate in the end]

Cecilia - Zombie food

Zombie-related reading challenge(s):

- any zombie books read Sep to Oct counts towards the challenge


Jess - Generation Dead book and wrist bands

Cecilia - Zombie survival kit

Check out the complete list of contests and giveaways here.

The full schedule of events for zombie week is here.