Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 9 - September Zombies Week 2009 upcoming

Zombie books:

Cecilia - from zombies to killer unicorns

Velvet - I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It (trailer and giveaway)

Zombie movies:

Nicole - I'll Take A Spin on the Zombieland Ferris Wheel (Zombieland)

Velvet - Zombie Girl: the movie (teaser)

Zombies in the blogosphere:

Zombie Author tidbits:

So, what's next for you?
-- I have completed a novel called Boyfriend From Hell, about a girl, her single mother, and the boyfriend from hell...literally. And I'm currently writing my first book series.

My New Book Deal
-- Amanda Ashby's untitled middle-grade series about a girl who accidentally gets turned into a djinn (genie) the day before starting sixth grade and has to learn to deal with her new powers without her mom finding out, to Karen Chaplin at Puffin, in a three-book deal, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency (world English).

The three books will be coming out between 2011 and 2012 and I also have another young adult book coming out in 2011 so it looks like I'm going to be a busy writer!!!!

PPZ Graphic Novel Coming in March!
-- Del Rey will publish a 160-page adaption of PPZ - to be written by comic book vet Tony Lee (X-Men, Spider-Man, Doctor Who), and inked by Cliff Richards (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - in March!

Constant State of Change
-- Writing about the conflictions that come with being a teenager isn't about guessing, or staying up on the latest trends or slang, it's about being honest with yourself and exploring those same feelings that we tend to ignore as adults. It's being an adult that allows you as a writer to temper those emotions with experience, turning them into something more meaningful than reality television regurgitation. Or, that's the idea anyway.

March 2010 From Flux Books
Now Available for Pre-order!!

Is there going to be a movie of The Forest of Hands and Teeth?
-- Seven Star Pictures has picked up the movie rights for The Forest of Hands and Teeth but it's still too early to tell if they'll develop it into a movie. As Publishers Weekly reports, "Supposedly Seven Star is developing the project for an-as-yet-unnamed A-list starlet, and fast-tracking the project with a first draft of the screenplay already in the works."

Is there a sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth?
--Yes, The Forest of Hands and Teeth is the first of three books. The second, The Dead-Tossed Waves will be coming out in Spring 2010 and the third will be out Spring 2011.

Adam Selzer excerpt:

Q: Did you worry that no one would believe that a girl would not notice her boyfriend was a zombie?

--Oh, sure. I thought "that's okay for a song, but how could she not know? Is she stupid?" I really wanted her to be smart. I don't like writing books about stupid people. So the way it works is that Doug, the zombie, wasn't dead long enough to decompose much before he became a zombie. He just looks about like a regular, sincere goth guy who has some weird health issues. There are plenty of clues, but you can ignore a lot of things about someone you like. And that becomes a theme of the book - obviously you have to overlook flaws in any boyfriend or girlfriend, but where you do draw the line? At finding out they're dead? At having to die yourself?

Will there be a third book in the Generation Dead series?
-- Yes! There will be a third book in the Generation Dead series (and a fourth and a fifth, if I have my way). The third book will be called Passing Strange. I'm working hard on it as we speak to try and get it in shape for a May release, and as usual I'm making things far harder on myself than usual. But I love the story and I hope you will, too. I don't like to show my cards early, but I will tell you that a different character takes center stage for this one...

Were you a goth in high school?
-- I can't say I was straight up goth, although one of my favorite albums at the time was the Damned's Phantasmagoria, which is cited by many as being one of the main albums that started the movement. I had all the rare Bauhaus singles, too.

But I think instead that I was an almost perfect blend of the five personality types from The Breakfast Club. Well, I was more Basket Case than Princess, and more brain than jock, and not much of a criminal although I did sport fingerless gloves and a trenchcoat and listened to Slayer. Maybe it was more 30%, 10%, 25%, 20%, 25%. Although I really didn't do anything princess-y, except I was a little spoiled.

Ah, heck with it. I was a goth.

Zombie-related reading challenges:

Misty - Spotlight on: Zombies (Helluva Halloween)

- any zombie books read Sep to Oct counts towards the challenge

Zombie giveaways:

Velvet - I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It book

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